Garden Variety Harvests operates at several locations throughout Roanoke City.  Learn about our plots below:

Home base: garden city

With just over 2000 square feet of garden space in production, the Home Base farm is where it all begins for Garden Variety Harvests.  Our thriving and ever-expanding strawberry patch is here, along with our herb crops and many of our leafy greens.

Harvested produce is cleaned and cooled in our lean-to packroom, and pickups of fresh produce can be arranged at this location! 

Wise Avenue Gardens

The newest addition to the GVH network is at our home in SE Roanoke! Here, we’ve recently constructed a custom tunnel to facilitate winter greens production, and we plan on planting a new strawberry patch in spring of 2019! Microgreens trays are also grown under lights at this location in our home-office.

Morningside Urban Farm

Our shed and wash station, built by Boy Scout Troop #7

The Morningside Urban Farm is officially open for business!  This plot in SE Roanoke includes over 1300 square feet of garden space, a shed and processing area and an outdoor educational space for community events!  With the support of the Roanoke Community Garden Association and from Carilion Clinic, GVH will work to cultivate the urban farm at Morningside.  Produce grown on this plot will be sold by RCGA into local markets, creating a sustainable revenue stream for their non-profit.

We are often hosting volunteer work days at the plot, and the calendar is full of exciting events throughout the gardening season.  Find the most up-to-date schedule for Morningside at  If you are looking for a place to plant your own roots, check with RCGA to see if one of the beds at Morningside is available for rent!

Winona Ave Gardens

A small backyard in one of Roanoke’s historic neighborhoods, our gardens on Winona Avenue are home to the inaugural garlic planting for Garden Variety Harvests. Come spring 2019, we’ll use this space to plant edible flowers and rootcrops like carrots, beets, radishes and turnips.

Hurt Park satellite plot

With ten fruit trees and over 4000 square feet of garden bed space, the Hurt Park Community Garden is a plot with spectacular growing potential.  In 2018, GVH maintained about 1/4 of the garden as an urban farm plot, cultivating cabbage, collards, carrots, beets and more.  We encourage members of the community to plug into volunteer days throughout the season or come join us by renting a garden plot next year!